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Jerusalem has always been a sanctuary for everyone. 

Fifty years ago the we have acquired the Harp of David complex in the sacred heart of Mount Zion- in the center of the holy city of Jerusalem.

The family-run Harp of David complex is located just a few steps from holy sites like:

The wailing wall, The Last Supper Room, King David's Tomb, the Old City Southern Wall and the Dormition Abbey.

For half a century we have nurtured this breathtaking place. We served and hosted thousands of believers,  visiting the site to enjoy the view, the art, the history and the peaceful spirit of Mount Zion. Admission was - and still is - completely free of charge.

But after 50 years of peaceful hospitality and sanctuary, it is time to retire and to pass on this  slice of heaven on earth to a new owner. Please watch our short video: 

Harp of David   

View it From Within. Credit: "houses from within"

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