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Mount Zion in JERUSALEM

Jerusalem is the heart of the world and Mt. Zion is the gate

We are looking  for a partner to own parts of the complex real estate

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This campaign is organized  voluntarily for 
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We are looking also  for a partner to own parts of the complex real estate

This Is Our Story,
This Is Our Immediate Need:

Jerusalem has always been a sanctuary for everyone. 

Fifty years ago we acquired the Harp of David complex in the sacred heart of

Mount Zion- in the holy city of Jerusalem.


The Harp of David complex is located just a few steps from holy sites like The Last Supper Room, King David's Tomb, the wailing wall, the Old City Southern Wall, and the Dormition Abbey.

For half a century we have nurtured this breathtaking place. We served and hosted thousands of believers,  visiting the site to enjoy the view, the art, the history, and the peaceful spirit of Mount Zion. Admission was and still is - completely free of charge. 


But unfortunately, our 50 years of friendly hospitality and sanctuary are in danger. Due to heavy debts, the Harp of David is facing foreclosure procedures by the end of March. We recently found out that even an extreme group has set its sights on taking ownership if foreclosure happens. 

We need help! We need your good Christian spirit and generosity to help us raise enough money to pay the debts and to save this sacred ground from extremists planning to take over this piece of the holy land.

Any support will do: Partnerships, monetary contributions (of any amount).

It is even buying parts of the land or of the business - or any other idea that will help us save this precious piece of land.

To help please fill out the contact button  below and we will get back to you shortly. 

Time is of the essence –Please share this with your community friends and family! 

Please Help, Every Dollar counts:


The TeamTogthert is a non-profit organization that relies on contributions to provide support, and maintenance, as well as to provide financial, legal, and public relations to selected institutes like the Harp Of David, and Mt. Zion. in Jerusalem, the Holy Land 

A permanent record of the members of Team-Together will be appropriately recognized and will include the names of all donors who contribute $1,000 or more. Individuals, groups, or organizations may contribute to supported institutes or in honor or memory of a friend or family member. All donations are tax-deductible.

To make your tax-deductible donation, click on the button below.

We are looking  for a partner to own parts of the complex real estate

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